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Clara's Art

Clara Amaguru is an artist in every sense of the word. Her creative abilities are not limited to hair. Art has always been an integral part of Clara’s academic life. In 1988, while attending Gayaza High School in Kampala, Uganda, she was commissioned to do a painting for Princess Anne when she visited the school. She continued her pursuit in the subject at Lester B. Pearson College and University of Victoria where she had her art exhibited at the Law buildings in 1992.

Clara explores and uses a wide range of mediums. Clara has created art on cloth (batiks), clay masks(using the Japanese raku method), hand looms, photography and acrylic on canvas. Included on the site are some of her paintings and those of her fellow artists from Uganda.

African Dance Metamorphosis (1991)

African Dance Metamorphosis (1991)Clara portrays the evolving phase of African dance. From the traditional dancing in the foreground to the breakdancing, jazz, tango and step dancing in the background one can see a reflection of the impact of westernization, colonization and slavery. The color contrast set by the piercing arrow and drumstick echo the dominant energy of our African roots.


The Undermined Role of Women (1991)

The Undermined Role of Women (1991)Clara’s didactic style tells the viewers about the situation of women in rural parts of Africa. The African woman is the strong binding force in most families. Her role in her society is not limited to the chores and upbringing of children, but in many cases to providing for the family and agriculture. Yet despite her input in the development of her society, her role is often undermined.  






Giraffes At Dawn

Giraffes at Dawn 
Hand weaving


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