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“The workshop was great. I learned three very useful types of extensions and I appreciate all of your time and effort that you spent with all of us. I appreciate your patience and unbelievable talent that you allowed to share with us. Thanks very much and I look forward to attending more classes.” 
Laurie McCaffrey, Interior Academy of Hair Design, Kamloops, B.C.

“ I learned a lot. It is amazing how it was done. The best instructor I have ever had. I will for sure take more classes.” 
Herb Kelly(stylist), Quesnel, B.C.

“ Champion put braiding skill learned in Uganda to good use”. 
Virginia Lemming, Vancouver Sun (July 4th, 2000.)

“For Clara, with gratitude for all her love & attention. Blessed be!” 
Keith H. Cobb, Actor from Andromeda and “All my Children”.

“Thanks for the do, you’re the greatest!” 
Kathleen McClaine, Actress

“Clara, thank you so much for all the love you show me & my hair. Loving ya”. 
John L.Adams, Guest star “Girlfriends”.

“Clara, you are simply the best!” 
Kevin Michael Perry, Actor.





The Kanszu

Most Ugandan men dress in western style clothes, but in the remote areas of Uganda men wear the 'kanszu', a loose fitting robe rather like a nightshirt. The 'kanssu' can also be seen being worn by older men in the capital city and other large towns. It can frequently be seen being worn by men of all ages on Sunday.

The 'kanszu' is particularly smart when worn under a jacket.



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